The art of chocolate making is a wonderful skill that will continue to impress your family and friends. I will be exploring the complexity and beauty of chocolate, it’s aromas, the process of tempering and the art of working with chocolate. In a duration of 3-4 hours, the camp will cover the following  variegation to of chocolates. The main varieties are:

    • Rock Chocolate
    • Flavored Chocolate
    • Center filling chocolate
    • Fruit and nut Chocolate
    • Ferraro rocher  Chocolate
    • Bounty filling  Chocolate
    • Honey  dew
    • pan masala chocolate
    • sandwich chocolate
    • date chocolate
    • Butterscotch/crackle coffee crunch/
    • marble chocolate ,layer chocolate
    • fruity center

Equipment, ingredients & other raw materials will be provided in the class.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Course Fee: INR 2000

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